Rap music has risen as a well-known kind in Indian Music. It has brought forth numerous new rappers in the nation because of which India has many top rappers today. The different sorts like mutter rap, rap metal, melodious rap, desi hip-hop are picking up ubiquity. There are many great rappers in India from last 2 decades but we have shortlisted the best rappers in India on the basis of their hits, popularity, albums, endorsement, awards, collabs and contracts with channels.

Rap music has assisted with overcoming any barrier between verse, feeling, and instrumentation. Exceptional music, it includes the rapper drawing out his battles, feelings, recent developments, the past-everything relatable. Probably the best rappers in India have united these feelings perfectly.

They, not just rap, they compose the verse as well, alongside making music recordings and delivering the entire video for the crowd. While a few marks are working in India, various free top rappers do this all alone.

While the facts demonstrate that individuals hear it out for how quickly they sing, it is additionally obvious that it requires an ability of an alternate request to have the option to impart contemplations to a melodic stream and get out the issues tormenting the general public. Furthermore, this quality separates the best rappers from the rest.

In the current occasions, when the number of rappers who are nailing it in the scene has expanded exponentially, it gets critical to discuss and value their ability. How about we take a gander at the best rappers in India, who are becoming wildly successful with melodious pearls!

1. Emiway Bantai

Bilal Sheik broadly known as Emiway Bantai is probably the greatest name in the underground Hip-Hop Rap scene. He appeared with a tune called ‘Gleam Lock’ in the year 2013 and earned popularity with ‘Aur Bantai’ in 2014. At present, he is considered as India’s drifting and most famous Rapper.

Emiway Best rappers in India
Emiway Best rappers in India

He has more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube which is the most elevated for any Indian rapper. He has shown up in numerous recordings from 2014 yet he turned into a viral sensation on the web after the rap fight with Raftaar. His consecutive diss tracks against Raftaar made him hugely mainstream among masses. He was additionally found in the film ‘Ravine Boy’. This Mumbai rapper has an insane fan following and he stays autonomous, marking himself as a ‘Free craftsman’.

  • YouTube Subscriber:  16 M


Dilin Nair, better known for stage name Raftaar is an Indian rapper from Kerala. He marked to perform on three records of the Punjabi band RDB. After the spilled of RDB, he began working with Manj Musik of RDB and began his performance vocation. He won the Best Urban Song Of The Year grant for Swag Mera Desi at the Brit Asia Awards in 2016. Raftaar has been seen in numerous Bollywood hits and is one of the best options of top music makers of the nation.

Raftaar one of Best rappers in India
Raftaar one of Best rappers inI ndia

Truth be told, from business to unadulterated hip-bounce tracks, Raftaar can pull it off superior to some other rapper in the scene. As of late, he came into the spotlight with his Rap fight against Emiway Bantai.

  • YouTube Subscriber:  3.5 M

3. Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh frequently alluded as a revolutionary music transformer of India who made rap music so famous in the nation. He is considered as one of the highest-paid music artists in Bollywood. It has been accounted for that he was paid the most elevated expense ever for a Bollywood song (starting at 2012) of ₹7 million (US$97,000) for a song in the movies Cocktail and Mastan.

Honey Singh most loved best rappers in India

He combines rap music with mainstream society making him engaging fans. He is likewise accepted to be one of the top music producers who has worked with the greatest celebrity in the nation.

  • YouTube Subscriber:  4.3 M

4. Divine:

Vivian Fernandes a.k.a Divine is an Indian rapper from Mumbai. Divine began his profession as an underground rapper in 2011. He started rapping in English, yet later changed to Hindi. He was a piece of the hip bounce group called “Mumbai’s Finest”. His track “Yeh Mera Bombay” got the best video of the year grant by Rolling Stone India in 2014, which was an achievement in the underground. His debut single “Jungli Sher” was delivered under Sony and it administered the outlines. There was movie named Gully Boy inspired by him had made a hit in the Industry and also available on Video Streaming Platform OTT Amazon Prime.


He took Jungli Sher to the Breakfast Show in front of BBC Asian Network Live on 29 April 2016. Divine is known for his quick stream and remarkable verses. He has made a name in the underground hip-hop scene and has additionally done a lot of business hits.

  • YouTube Subscriber:  5 M (Approx)



Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia a.k.a. Badshah is a well known Indian rapper and singer known for his Hindi, Haryanvi, and Punjabi songs. He is broadly viewed as a hit machine in Bollywood. He appeared in Punjabi collection Born Star in 2012 with Deep cash. His first business achievement accompanied ‘Abhi to party shuru hui hai’ in 2014. He has earned numerous honors like GIMA Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2016 and Punjabi Music Best Music Director for a Single Award. His debut single, “DJ Waley Babu” including Aastha Gill, was positioned number one on Indian i-tunes chart inside 24 hours of the delivery. The song additionally crossed a million perspectives on YouTube inside 30 hours.

  • YouTube Subscriber:  1.9 M

6. MC Stan:

It is shocking how the “Allienr ki shakal wale”, as was called by Emiway Bantai when he dissed this Pune Rapper MC Stan, has made it in Music. His genuine name is Altaf Raja and numerous individuals didn’t comprehend the class this rapper was into until they tuned in to his “Wata”, which has gotten a challenging 15 million perspectives on Youtube.

MC Stan

His youtube channel has only 6 recordings which have picked up him 53,840,351 perspectives at the hour of composing this, lone developing at an amazing rate.

His most mainstream video is Astaghfirullah, where he is sorry to his mom for all his terrible deeds throughout his life.

  • Youtube Subscriber:  1.27 M

7.  Brodha V:

Right now, the one-stage which rappers use to spread their music is Youtube. However, before this thing got mainstream, there was a stage named Reverbnation which was interfacing rappers to the music business just as to peers. In any case, much before this, during the mid-2000s, rappers used to diss each other through pieces on Orkut! This person – Brodha V is available from that point forward! Each rapper, in reality, each individual has his piece of the battle. While Brodha V wasn’t devastated, his battle was with the language boundary – as he says, his hands were “Thoda tight” in Hindi, or he’d as of now be on the trip to Bombay.

Broda V
Broda V

Yet at the same time, his battle brought him results when he was at long last marked with Universal Music in the last pieces of his life. What’s more, learn to expect the unexpected. He is a standout amongst other expressive jewels who has attempted his hands in practically all dialects now. As it’s been said, where there is a will there’s away.

  • YouTube Subscriber: 510K

8. Pradhan:


Parichai Modi, also called PARDHAAN, is a Hindi/Hariyanvi rapper from Karnal, Haryana, India. He began his profession in 2009 as an individual from a hip bounce team “Desi Beam”. He is one of the most lyrical rappers in the game at this moment. The quarter-century-old exhibits some mind-boggling songwriting abilities in a single his laidback tracks named, “Rappers Delight”. He’s worked with any semblance of Beny Dayal and the Kakkar sisters, Sonu and Neha. He switches among genuine and silly raps, making him a delight to tune in to. Pardhan is about flexibility and indeed, the pioneer of Desi Hip Hop, Bohemia is a fan as well.

 Other Up-coming Best Rappers in India

Other than these skilled artistes here are not many more desi rappers who are administering the class, and creating nice, infectious, and splendid music. A portion of different notices incorporates extremely celebrated Punjabi rapper Hard Kaur, Delhi-based MC Prabhdeep, 7 Bantaiz, South Indian rap craftsman Hip-Hop Tamizha, Young fire craftsman Kam Bhari, Bangalore based rapper Smokey, Mumbai young lady Dee MC, Sikander Kahlon, Delhi rapper Muhfaad, Raga and one of the most dope rapper Lil Golu.