Best Markets in Delhi, For Shopping and Eating

Best Markets in Delhi

Markets in Delhi are woven into the fabric of Delhi’s life and are shopaholic’s lifeline.  India’s Capital is lively capital with malls, monuments, luxury stores, and markets that speak of the rich and diversified Indian culture. Shopping at clothing streets gives you abundant options to satisfy your hunger. Every corner of Delhi offers something new and while but you’ll find the best markets in South Delhi. The East & West Delhi also have great shopping options for the bargain hunter in you. While shopping at a malls in Delhi is comfortable and you get all luxury labels, but shopping in Delhi at its street markets is a true pleasure. From bargaining for a good price to the wonderful street food options you’ll find all sorts of crowds around here.

For Tourists

The tourists who are mostly like to visit India for shopping Delhi is the correct place. Apart from visiting museums, monuments, and wandering around a city, it is fascinating to discover the culture of Indian people. It is definitely an experience worth having. You will notice that markets are an integral part of Indian life. Delhi attracts a large number of tourists from foreign countries for shopping especially for fashionable clothing, handicrafts, jewelry, funky footwear,  wall hangings, and much more. 

Famous For

For most visitors, the plethora of street food that most markets in Delhi offer are the main reason to visit. Street Food of Delhi is very popular among Delhiites and neighboring. From Apparel to home decor, you will get enough options from big showrooms to small street shops in all budgets which is not possible in shopping malls. Whether you’re a shopaholic, foodie, or wellness junkies, there’s a market in Delhi for you. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the capital’s best markets in delhi.

1. Connaught Place

Connaught Place is an iconic market having a national reputation. It is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in India. The white Pillar market is a massive commercial and financial center in New Delhi. This market has two circles with seven streets diverging from it. Commonly known as CP it’s a perfect blend of the old and the new and has a fantastic history and was created around 1930 in Georgian-style buildings.

Connaught Place - Best Apparel Markets in Delhi

CP is a popular address for high-end fashion shops and showrooms. Brands include Adidas Originals, Allen Solly, Bon Ton, Cantabil, Gas, Blackberry, Lee, Louis Philippe, Pepe, Fila, Jewellers, Snowhite Square, Mohanlal Sons, Digjam, Lacoste. Watch Company include Omega, Rado, Johnson, and TAG Heuer. Famous Jewellers include Neelkanth, Roopchand.

It is really popular with college-goers in the city and is generally crowded, one should be prepared to walk a lot. There’s also an amazing array of street food consisting of all Indian state cuisines. From it’s most famous ice pan, shakes to butter chicken makes it a haven for foodies. The outer circle holds hotels, shops, restaurants, and most importantly, the Regal building (wax museum). It also hosts the 90ft wide and 60ft long tricolor Indian Flag fly atop a 207ft tall flag pole inside the Central Park in Connaught Place.

Restaurants & Bars

It is probably the fifth most expensive office market in the world, costlier than Dubai, downtown Boston New York and Central London. The nightlife here is lively with a myriad choice of some of the bars, pubs, lounges, cafes, and restaurants. The most visited are Farzi Cafe, Lord of Drinks, Local, Tamasha, and the eclectic bar. Restaurants include Pind Balluchi (Traditional Indian), Chilli’s Grill & Bar, Saravana Bhavan, Chaayos, MKOB, Nando’s, KFC, and Haldiram’s.

Nearby Area

Indeed, the Nearby location is as much exciting. It includes most Famous Bangla Sahib Gurudwara which services Langar 365 days. Palika Bazaar is India’s first underground market. Historic Prachin Hanuman Mandir (claimed to be one of the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi). Jantar Mantar and much more. So, brush up on those haggling skills and get out there. It’s time to start exploring the best markets in Delhi. You’ll want to plan an entire afternoon or evening and night to explore this epic market.

2. Dilli Haat

“Discover the heart of India in Dilli Haat.”Add some color to your time with a trip to the city’s most vibrant and instagrammable market. Dilli Haat is such a beautiful place to shop and explores that a visit to the markets is definitely time well spent. Haat provides the ambiance of a traditional Rural Haat or village market with a modern touch. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you’ll get to taste dishes from all corners of India. Also shop for vintage handicrafts, clothes, and unique souvenirs to take home with you.

Dilli Haat - Best Handicraft Markets in Delhi

All India States Cultural Food

You can also taste the inimitable flavors of the delightful local foods from the various states of India. Be it the Bamboo hot chicken from Nagaland, Bihar Litti-Chokha, Makki Di Roti & Sarson Da Saag from Punjab, Biryani from Telangana, momos from Sikkim, Kahwa & Kebabs from Jammu, Gujrati Dhokla and much more served in an Eco-friendly manner. All of these different cultures vying for space in the neighborhood mean that the Delhi Haat is one of the most exciting and vibrant of the markets in Delhi. The air of Delhi Haat is thick with inviting smells, which makes deciding what to buy (and what to snack on!). One of the hardest decisions you’ll face in Delhi– one trip is never enough! 

It’s eccentric, welcoming, and totally unique – everyone leaves haat with a different experience. The vast and eclectic mix of cultures thriving in Haat represents Indian culture. It showcases local artist’s works, Indian designers, and antique/vintage handmade jewelry,  carpets, textiles, handicrafts, and ethnic cuisine. The stalls selling handicrafts, Arts, Jewelry are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen who come from all corners of India. They have to make nominal payments for a period of 15 Days. It aims to represent the rich heritage of India. This is also to encourage great local artists to show their talent to the world. The Authority Managing it (DTTDC) ensures that visitors buy goods at the right prices.


Whilst browsing you’ll also stumble upon various street performers to entertain you with fascinating cuisines.  Even more, the cultural activities, folk dance, and song performances are additional attractions. Delicious artisanal edibles will ensure that you will never leave hungry. The only downside is how busy it gets, especially on Weekends, so arrive early to beat the hordes. It showcases the best of products from different states of India. It’s a must-see for first-time visitors in Delhi. So be sure to put it on your list and plan to eat at least one meal there. 

Lastly, there are 3 Dilli Haats in Delhi, at INA, Pitampura, and Janakpuri. But Frankly speaking, South Delhi INA Market Dilli Haat is most popular. You can visit any of the 3 markets at a very nominal ticket price of ₹10 – ₹20.

3. Sarojini Nagar Market

Welcome to Sarojini Nagar, girl’s most favorite markets in Delhi, due to the range of items and at an affordable tag you could only imagine about. This South Delhi shopping spot is one of the best places you can visit for a large variety of fashion items. The stalls here offer everything from clothing, footwear, home decor, kitchen utensils, accessories and cosmetics, and a lot more fancy goods. At almost 20 percent of the price – which is quite affordable, isn’t it!

It has some big brand showrooms to its possessions such as Madame, Big C, and more. But the essential crux of the market is its street shops and stalls littered with fabrics, bags, belts, denim, designer tops, etc. A normal shopper can buy 15-20 items and not spend more than 3000 rupees. Known as SN also it offers clothing & footwear the market has more to offer to women in comparison to men. The only shortcoming is trial or changing rooms at street-side shops are not available.


The Trendy Market is an updated area with all the latest fashion trends. Be it party wear, wedding wear, or fancy clothes a celebrity donned at an event, you will find them at this place. There are different areas within the market. Babu Market houses several sweet shops. Weekends are mostly crowded, so if you prefer a quieter vibe, plan to visit from Tuesday to Friday. Most importantly, Bargaining for a good price is also a vital part of the process. Few tips for bargaining. Firstly, never agree to the first two prices the seller offers you. Secondly, if you like something, don’t let the seller know—just pretend to leave the place. This way you can settle for the price you like. Lastly successful technique dress up in the basic clothing because sellers tend to quote the price looking at your appearance.

Nearby Area

Finally, after Bargain refuels at the McDonald’s, Haldiram, Sagar Ratna, Subway, and more in nearby DLF South Square Mall. The infinite variety at cheap price makes it an irresistible deal. Usually, no one is seen exiting market without bags full of stylish clothes, and if anyone is they are surely missing out on the favorite spots in the market.

4. Janpath Market

Janpath market is on the walking distance from CP Market and tourists across the world love this market. It has 3-4 markets combined. Namely the Tibetan Market, Gujarati Market, Rajasthani Market, and flea market.


Furthermore, Parades of excited shoppers clutching juices walking through fancy shops & flea markets make it most seen marketplace by youngsters, tourists, and foreigners. Each corner inside provides a wonderful shopping experience unlike any other. As a result of the utter convenience and their glistening, clean designs — often subjected to this glorious Delhi sunlight.

Main Marketplace

Janpath is popular for accessories, clothing and it offers real handicraft items. The Tibetan marketplace also sells products like knockoff and silver jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones. All kinds of glass, plastic and wooden beads, figurines of different forms and dimensions, and Tibetan Thangka paintings of gods and goddesses. Do not overlook that the flea market “the mini Sarojini Nagar” that deals in trendier clothing; fake jewelry and dark glasses to lace tops and jumpsuits into sailor-print sneakers. What plonks Janpath besides other road markets is it offers best-budget rates with enormous selection. The narrow street stores range from cheap to expensive and will cause you to wonder where to get started.

Moreover, here you are more likely to discover a diverse selection of conventional and innovative hallmark designer jewelry in diamonds and gold. Its customers include generations of high-profile households. Lastly, it is open Tuesday to Sunday. It’s ideal to learn more about the marketplace on weekends.